V.I.P.'s-The Border Holiday Group

Border Holiday Group V.I.P.'s


What is a V.I.P?

On a Border Holiday Group trip, V.I.P.'s are the people travelling with us who have illnesses or disabilities.

They are V.I.P.'s as they are very important people to the group. The holiday belongs to them, and all decisions on what we do during the holiday are made by the V.I.P.'s. It's up to them whether we go on a boat trip or visit a city or have a lazy day relaxing around the hotel.

To qualify as a V.I.P you must have an illness of disability of some degree, whether it be a learning disability or a severe physical disability, and be willing to travel by coach and by ferry to our destination. 

You will be cared for by one of the volunteer carers, with whom you will share a twin room with during the holiday. (Please note the V.I.P. and carer will be of the same gender.) There is also 24 hour nursing care.

V.I.P.'s must be over the age of twenty however there is no upper age limit, but we do ask that those over the age of sixty take into consideration their overall health. Although the holiday and activities are not strenuous, previous travellers have found it tiring due to the change in routine.

V.I.P.'s must pay their own fare for the trip but like the carers may do this by fund-raising. The Group can give advice on how to do this.

The Border Holiday Group, an unincorporated charitable association, organises Coach Holidays to Europe for the Sick and Disabled from the Borders Region and Southern Scotland.

Registered Charity Number: SC038524.